Unboxing the Crypto Market

I’ve decided to start sharing the knowledge I’ve picked up after being in the cryptocurrency market for a few years now. I chose the unboxed moniker as the crypto market is still relatively closed to the masses mainly through a lack of knowledge. Unboxing cryptos is about educating others, so they too can embark on their own crypto journey.

The crypto market is still in its infancy and as one would imagine, it’s a bit of a Wild West in crypto land. And not just from the perspective of people trying to make a quick buck off the latest coin, and scammers trying their best to take those winnings. But also from an information standpoint. CoinMarketCap has 144 coin categories and nearly 8,000 coins listed on its website! And the website probably has not captured every coin that exists. From the jobs category at the top of the CoinMarketCap listing to transport at the bottom, pretty much everything we know in the physical world is represented by coins in the crypto world.

How then does a newbie sort through all of this to get their feet wet in cryptos? That’s where people like myself come in. We’re trying to educate the world about a crypto market we believe has endless potential and can do good for a lot of people. If they only knew.

As one would expect, there are many people writing about cryptocurrencies. So why am I putting my hat in the writing ring? I was prompted to start writing on cryptos because family and friends who I tell about cryptos keep asking me myriads of questions, so I decided the best way to convey information to them is to write about it or do videos. I decided to start with writing and will branch into videos later. I believe Medium is a good platform to start sharing my writing instead of building my own from scratch.

My aim is to provide as much information as possible to help beginners decide whether they want to get into cryptos. Some of the coins I’ll write on will be ones I’m invested in and can therefore speak to my own experience in these coins. I’m an accountant and equity research analyst by profession so from time to time I will likely inject some of that knowledge into my crypto discussions. By doing this I hope to encourage others to get involved in this nascent market and help it grow, and in the process help themselves. My hope is that whoever reads my articles will take a step into the crypto world. I fervently believe cryptocurrencies is the future and will become a part of our everyday lives. Disseminating information to the masses serves to speed up that adoption. This is just my little part in helping to make it a reality.



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Accountant (CPA), equity research analyst and crypto enthusiast.