Unboxing Cryptos — Is Saitama the Next Shiba Inu?

  1. SaitaMask is a smart wallet that can be used to store crypto tokens. The goal is for SaitaMask to be a one-stop shop for decentralized finance. In addition to storing coins, it will allow users to purchase tokens with bank cards, buy and sell goods and services with cryptocurrencies, provide financial education, and create and trade NFTs. Saitamask aims to not just be another wallet but to provide a service where all crypto transactions can be done without having to use multiple platforms, as is often the case. SaitaMask has been completed and its code is being audited. It is expected to be released soon and could generate more interest in Saitama.
  2. Another tool being developed by the Saitama team is SaitaMarket. This is a marketplace within the Saitama ecosystem which will allow users to purchase goods and services with Saitama and other tokens.
  3. SaitaMaker is an NFT platform that will allow users to create NFTs and trade projects using the Saitama platform.
  4. SaitaEdutainment will be a multi-channel content publishing platform providing financial education while entertaining users. This is a novelty development, as crypto projects aren’t in the habit of providing financial education, although they are really financial products. Saitama hopes to educate the masses on how to save, invest, manage money and create wealth opportunities. The team will publish proprietary content and will also allow community members to publish content on the site.
  5. Also cited in Saitama’s white paper is Saitama Studios. This is supposed to be a studio developing games, TV shows, books, toys, NFTs and custom products for third-party brands.



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